Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Beyond The Walls Ministries International


Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

Come LEVEL UP with us our church and Pastor 1st year anniversary!


We are resetting the foundation of what it means to know Christ, intimately and securely. We are not filling the pews with people, we are filling the people with KINGDOM WARRIORS instructions. Our goal is to make disciples who are not afraid to war for the enemy and to stand for the KING!  Because they know who they are in Christ Jesus.

Let's take it to the next level:

  • Thursday August 10,2017 @ 7:00 PM - Bishop Paula 
  • Friday August 11, 2017 @ 7:00 PM - Bishop Richardson
  • Saturday August 12, 2017 @ 1:00 PM - Pastor Ramos
  • Saturday August 12, 2017 @ 6:00 PM - Apostle Amos
  • Sunday August 13, 2017 @ 2:30 PM - Apostle Amos


‚ÄčAmos Horton Ministries is founder of Cathedral of Restoration Evangelistic Global (COREG)

Apostle Amos Horton Jr. seeks to be the water to the world for those thirsty may drink and be restored. Founded upon biblical principles, C.O.R.E.G focuses on improving our communities, our nation and our world. Fulfilled spiritually, economically and emotionally, given both spiritual and self-satisfaction. The very heartbeat of C.O.R.E.G is the Gospel of Restoration and service to mankind manifested through the spirit of excellence. As a ministry, C.O.R.EG. makes no claim to cross every “T” and dot every “I” but strives to do so. Apostle Horton instilled into C.O.R.E.G, expressing integrity and compassion to all mankind is of absolute importance. As an organization, C.O.R.E.G does not argue logic, but simply trust God. Apostle Horton leads this great organization with the love of Christ that this gospel message might infiltrate into the local environment/community and proliferate into our nation and the entire world. Lastly Apostle Horton was affirmed into the office of the Apostle in the year of 2012 and inducted officially as Chief Prelate by Chief Apostle Jerry E. Haynes, 1st presiding Bishop Kenneth Reynolds and 2nd Bishop Paula Hopkins. He is now the proud Director and President, sanction and validated founder of C.O.R.E.G and all fellowship associated thereby. C.O.R.E.G. through the favor of God and the leadership of Bishop Amos L Horton Jr. has now grown into (17) seventeen states and (11) eleven countries.