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Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

 Be an Encourager and a Threat to the Devil

Zac Poonen

God gave Zechariah visions and prophetic messages when he
was very young Zechariah 2:4 This is a great
encouragement for all who are young. God can pick you up
when you are young, anoint you with His Holy Spirit and give
you a ministry. Zechariah had a blessed ministry of
encouraging discouraged people. The Jews had just come back
from Babylon where their fathers had been slaves, and they
were poor, fearful and discouraged. They were a beaten lot.
They were not cultured, refined or rich like their
forefathers of 200 years earlier. Zechariah was called to
encourage them.

The first vision Zechariah sees is of a man sitting on a red
horse among some myrtle trees (Zechariah 1:7-17). Myrtle
trees are low trees and symbolize humility. Behind the man
were red, brown and white horses. “And I asked, ‘What are
these for?’ And they said, ‘We have patrolled the earth.’
They reported to the angel of the Lord, ‘The whole earth is
at peace.’” This is a picture of God watching everything
that happens on the earth. “Then the angel said to me,
‘Shout this message for all to hear: “This is what the Lord
Almighty says: "My love for Jerusalem and Mount Zion is
passionate and strong. I have returned to show mercy to
Jerusalem. My temple will be rebuilt and plans will be made
for the reconstruction of Jerusalem. The Lord will comfort
Zion and choose Jerusalem as His own."

Zechariah 1:12-17. ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Mount Zion’ symbolize the church,
the body of Christ on earth that will be built, despite all
the opposition of Satan and his forces.

The message that comes to us from this is that even though
the church is small and in a low place, she has the God Who
runs the universe watching over her as she seeks to build
His house. When you are in a lonely place, you can feel weak
and helpless. But remember that the eyes of the Lord are
always going across the earth, working on your behalf. The
Lord’s love for the church is “passionate and strong”. That
was how Zechariah encouraged the people to build God’s

The second vision was of four animal horns and four
blacksmiths Zechariah 1:18-21. The horns represented at
that time, the world powers that had ruled Judah and Israel
at some time - Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia. In
our time, they represent the forces of darkness that attack
the church from all four sides - north, south, east and
west. Horns in the Bible are a picture of strength. So these
horns represent the gates of Hades, the forces of spiritual
death. These horns had “scattered” God’s people

Zechariah 1:19. The work of the devil is always to scatter and divide
believers – separating them by gossip, slander,
misunderstanding and false report. Satan is in this business

“Against these four horns the Lord showed me four
blacksmiths” Zechariah 1:20 These blacksmiths would
destroy the horns. Blacksmiths are strong people who hammer
iron into shape. The blacksmiths had come to terrify the
four horns that had scattered and humbled Judah. They would
throw those enemies down and destroy them. These represented
God’s servants - Haggai, Zechariah, Joshua and Zerubbabel.
Today God raises up prophets in the north, south, east and
west, to terrify Satan. You must be one of those servants of
God who terrify Satan Zechariah 1:21

Most believers are themselves terrified by Satan and demons!
Once, when I encountered a demon possessed man, he looked so
fiercely at me, that I was taken aback momentarily. I
immediately asked myself one question to strengthen my
faith: “Was this demon conquered on Calvary, or did this one
escape?” I knew the answer immediately. Satan and every one
of his demons were conquered on Calvary. None of them
escaped. Faith rose in my heart immediately and I cast out
that demon in the Name of their Conqueror, the Lord Jesus
Christ. So we need never be afraid of Satan or of his
When you see Satan working intensely in your home or
in your church, or when he stirs up people against you, ask
yourself this question: “Was Satan defeated on the cross?”
We are to terrify Satan. How was it when Jesus walked on
this earth? Wherever He went, Satan was scared. The demons
would scream to one another: “Jesus is coming. Jesus is
coming here. Let us run away.” The Bible says that, “as
Jesus is, so are we in this world” 1 Jn.4:18. If you are
walking with a clear conscience, in humility and have no
desire on earth but to glorify God, then wherever you go the
demons will say the same thing that they said about Jesus,
“Hey, he is coming here. She is coming here. This person is
not like the other Christians. This one is living in
humility and with a clear conscience. We’re in danger. Let’s
get out of here.”

Isn’t it wonderful that we can be like those blacksmiths in
God’s hands to hammer the devil’s work and to destroy it?
And we must become stronger and stronger as we grow older –

and not like many preachers nowadays who become fatter and
richer and less anointed as they grow older! Fast, eat less,
live more simply and give away what you don’t need to those
who are poorer, and seek a greater anointing, as you grow
older! That is how a true servant of God must live. Don’t go
the way that Christendom and its leaders are going today. Go
in another direction – the way Jesus and the early apostles
went. They went from strength to strength as they grew