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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

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Beyond The Walls Ministries International

Prophetic Deliverance Ministry...Psalm 91

Chief Apostle CEO/Founder Amos L. Horton Jr.

The humble Apostle Amos L. Horton Jr., was born in Angelina County in the year of 1979. His parents later moved to Beaumont, Texas and there his journey began. Apostle followed in the footsteps of his father at age five. It is said “like father like son” Bishop proudly explains that although he will forever strive, he will never be greater than his dad, Pastor Amos L. Horton Sr. He has never challenged his dad’s authority and he respects him with all his heart. Quoting the bishop, “Dad is and will always be my most favorite preacher, I will forever walk in his shadow and that doesn’t trouble me, I am honored to be number two. Step by step and day by day I desire to make daddy proud”. His mother, Tina Dearmon, is a very talented musician and singer. After the splitting of his parents his mother took the role of raising Amos Jr. as a respectful and mature young man. Mom took the time to teach Amos Jr. and his older siblings Bruce Jubert and Shywonda Horton the importance of having a relationship with God and being faithful and active in church. Mrs. Dearmon didn’t just send them to church, she brought them to church. “My mother has always been an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful to have her. Amos Jr. developed his interest in ministry at age five and became a third-generation preacher by age nine. With strong convictions and the persuasiveness of the Holy Ghost Amos Jr. answered the call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He would boldly proclaim the gospel while tears streamed down his face. As a result of this, he quickly became known as the weeping prophet. By age fifteen he was ordained a national evangelist traveling regions beyond the state of Texas preaching the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. It was said that his wisdom was beyond his years and his level of anointing unexplainable. By age sixteen he founded (TFC) Teens For Christ which became a very popular organization during his high school years. It was established as an extra-curricular activity all of his years in high school. TFC aimed toward encouraging students to focus on excelling in every subject matter, being moral individuals, refraining from violence and having a relationship with Jesus Christ. TFC caught the eyes of television and the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread abroad. Central Sr. High will always be remembered as the school that respected God because they allowed such a move. The campus became a Harvest field for the kingdom of God and Evangelist Amos Horton Jr. worked continuously. The now seventeen-year-old fathered a campus of high school students, what an experience it was.

Amos Jr. has dedicated his life to preaching, serving his community and his country. Excelling in the gifts of the spirit and being very sensitive to the needs of people, he centers his vision around restoration to mankind. His first pastoral experience came at age nineteen in Lake Charles, La. There he pastored for one year under the leadership of Bishop McKinley August, Jr., whom he still believes God used to make him the caliber of preacher he is today. By age twenty, he was traveling the USA far and near preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empowering mankind to achieve success. Pastor Horton has never been interested in the methodology of denomination and religious philosophy but rather sought to see souls saved and lives changed. He believes that true preaching transcends philosophical barriers and salvation has no prejudice toward denomination. Having a very powerful and mysterious ministry he was given the name “Mystery” in the year 1990. He has been considered as a “scribe among scribes, he who carries the oracles of God.” It was in the year of 1998 that he brought together an array of extraordinary men who had extraordinary life experiences and founded the Horsemen. This is a fellowship that spins from C.O.R.E.G Ministries the acronym for Cathedral of Restoration Evangelistic Global. Horseman focuses on men who turned great failure into great success. The design was to show other men that even the worst can make changes for the better.

Receiving several licenses into various positions somewhat explains his electrifying sermons that In the year 2008 on the (13th) thirteenth day of July just (3) three days before his (29th) twenty-ninth birthday, Pastor Horton was consecrated into the office of Bishop. It was a time span of about (7) seven years that he refused this office wanting to make sure that it was indeed Gods’ timing before moving into this position. God has blessed him with a powerful team of bishops/apostles who sit on his board embracing the liberty that flows through his vision. touches the heart of mankind. Very revelatory, so simple and yet so mesmerizing that the souls of mankind are pierced. He was honored at Lamar University as C.O.P great orator. His ministry has now both national and international precedence. The man of God soon developed a heart for leaders taking on his next assignment, developing leadership. Pastors and leaders throughout the United States entreated Pastor Horton on the basis of church growth and leadership development. 

In the year 2010 Bishop begin to seek out a covering not just a covering of  He is the founder of C.O.R.E.G Ministries (Cathedral of Restoration Evangelistic Global) where his assignment on earth is to restore mankind back to God through Jesus Christ. He also founded T.O.A (Table of Apostle) an organization that links together bishops, apostles, and churches throughout the world. He has a true compassion for Gods people and wants them to know that all can be restored. Following in the footsteps of his father Pastor Amos L Horton Sr., Jr has adopted a philosophical, theological, etymological and analytical approach to preaching that has captured the attention of people throughout the United States and the world. Being very active in the community he focuses on touching those in the slums and the Ghettos. His service extends to the prisons, nursing homes, apartment complexes and foreign missions. Bishop Horton presiding as the Parent facilitator at West Brook High School where he was the oversight of an estimate (3000) three thousand students in the Beaumont Independent School district. As the parent Involvement Facilitator he actively maintained educational outreach, public speaking, parent and student counseling, college preparation and lastly making sure that the community is active with and in the school system. Receiving both his Associates in Christian leadership and Bachelors of Theology Through New Covenant University has given Bishop somewhat a great insight to this particular field of service.  The accomplished young notary for the state of Texas continues to work. He is the author of several book, “He’s Still Just a Man”, “Are You a Member of That Church” and “Making Better Prophets” three of the more popular written. Bishop also released a gospel album titled God of The Ghetto” in the year 2004 focusing on touching the hearts of the gang members, drug dealers etc. Hoping to ignite change and repentance, Bishop continues to focus on completing the assignment of restoring mankind and covering America in prayer. Actively he defends the integrity of his country. He is truly proud to be an American. His diligent work and consistent service did not go unnoticed. In 2017 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award under President Barack Obama, handed in the State of New Orleans La.

This is one of the highest honors an American citizen can receive. bishop’s life and ministry. Apostle Haynes places emphasis on “Keep your hands clean and your heart Pure”. Growing up with strict philosophical doctrines and religiosities that held men captive within an organization, Bishop Horton has been freed into true religious conviction that opens a door of escape from sin for all persons that will walk through this door. He believes that Jesus Christ is the only way into eternal life and does not deviate from the principals of the scriptures. Bishop did not sign up to be popular but he will bring revival in any service.apostolic power but of apostolic holiness. God then lead him to Apostle Jerry E. Haynes. He is a most excellent covering that has brought a divine order to our

Amos Horton Ministries is established on biblical doctrine. Cathedral of Restoration Evangelistic Global (COREG) and Bishop Amos Horton Jr. seek to be the water of the world that those thirsty may drink and be restored. Founded upon biblical principles, C.O.R.E.G focuses on improving our communities, our nation and our world. Fulfilled spiritually, economically and emotionally, given both spiritual and self-satisfaction. The very heartbeat of C.O.R.E.G is the Gospel of Restoration and service to mankind manifested through the spirit of excellence. As a ministry, C.O.R.EG. makes no claim to cross every “T” and dot every “I” but strives to do so. Bishop Horton instilled into C.O.R.E.G that expressing integrity and compassion to all mankind is of absolute importance. As an organization, C.O.R.E.G does not argue logic, but simply trust God. Bishop Horton leads this great organization with the love of Christ that this gospel message might infiltrate into the local environment/community and proliferate into our nation and the entire world. Lastly Bishop Horton was affirmed into the office of the Apostle in the years 2012 and inducted officially as Chief Prelate by Chief Apostle Jerry E. Haynes, 1st presiding Bishop Kenneth Reynolds and 2nd Bishop Paula Hopkins. He is now the proud Director and President, sanction and validated founder of C.O.R.E.G and all fellowship associated thereby. C.O.R.E.G. through the favor of God and the leadership of Bishop Amos L Horton Jr. has now grown into (17) seventeen states and (11) eleven countries.